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Why would I need a Tittle?

Tittle is a brand new LED light that can enhance your home décor and it will become an instant party favor. Its simple ability to uplift any environment and clam one’s mood goes a long way towards achieving tranquility.

How big is Tittle?

It’s 180mm (w) X 180mm (I) X 215mm(h), roughly the size of a soccer ball.

When can I get a Tittle?

We are estimating to ship starting September, 2016.

Is it easy to setup Tittle?

Yes, with a push of a button and our easy-to-use mobile app, it’s as easy as a light switch.

What kind of phone do I need to use Tittle?

Initially, it will be on iOS platform at launch, and it will move onto other perform once we are in full production.

Is Tittle app free?

The Tittle app is absolutely free for download.

What material is Tittle made from?

A perfectly structured cube with 512 super LEDs embedded, a smoked glass housing & an aluminum base is what makes Tittle illuminate beautifully in your home.

How is Tittle powered?

With an A/C adaptor 5V, 4.5A, to power Tittle into any ambience you prefer.

How many colors do Tittle come in?

It comes in 3 different colors of the aluminum base: black, silver & copper.

How do I create my own animations through Tittle?

You can create & share your animations through our mobile app or our web platform as well. It is super easy, no programming skills are needed.

Have you invented anything before?

Yes, our company has been around for a few years, inventing practical, stylish electronics. We have developed a few series of watch winders that are currently on the market all over the world. Our latest series R2 is an app-controlled watch winders. You can find them on our web-site SPIN-R.COM

Do you ship to different countries?

At the moment, we are only shipping within USA. We are currently looking for distribution partners to expand internationally. Please stay tuned as we will send updates regarding the shipping dates for other countries.