Everything you need to know about this LED light cube - Tittle Light

This blog is a collaborative article with one of our Tittle Light users in Hong Kong, which aims to provide our customers an overview of this LED lamp. If you are considering to get your Tittle Light, this article will provide the information you need.


Tittle Light LED Light Cube

Tittle Light has completed its crowdfunding campaign last year on Indiegogo, which raised over $100,000 USD. It is now officially selling on the website.

This LED light cube is designed to elevate your experience of light. It is amazing as a home décor, which can transform your home ambience by just a few clicks with its mobile app. It is also a party gadget which the light will dance with music and make your home perfect for parties.

The Product — Tittle Light

Tittle Light is an interactive LED light cube that has 512 LED lights packed inside a borosilicate glass housing, and with an aluminium base. It comes with 3 color options — black, silver, and copper.

Basic Setup

Package of this LED Lamp  Unbox this LED Lamp  The amazing Tittle Light

Setting up Tittle Light requires its mobile app. You can download it from either Google Play or App Store

Once you have downloaded the app and registered as a user, you can plug your Tittle Light in and turn on the power.

When you start the app, swipe right and you will see the option “NEW TITTLE”. Just press it and select “Smart Config” to set your Tittle Light up. Just follow the instruction there and you will be able to connect your Tittle Light.


This is a one-time setup which you will not need to do it again to connect your existing Tittle Light. The setting will automatically be memorized by your app.

After setting up, you can start experiencing different features of Tittle Light. We will cover them in the following session.



    Lamp feature of Tittle Light

The lamp feature is a static light that you can pick different colors from the color wheel. It transforms your home ambience to the mood you like. You can also change the intensity of the lamp to make the environment more relaxing.

By adding the Timer feature to the Lamp, you can set when Tittle Light will turn on and off. It creates a cost ambience for you to sleep, and gives you an energetic boost when you wake up.


3D Emoji


Tittle Light is pre-loaded with a variety of 3D Emojis. You can choose the ones you like from the presets and preview them on Tittle Light. You can send these light messages to your friends and your beloved one just by a click on your smartphone.


Mood Lighting


The Mood Light feature is designed to create different moods for your home, for instance, romantic and twilight. They are dynamic light animations which run different frames.


Music Visualizer

The Music Visualizer feature is my favorite. It is the perfect feature for your parties, workouts, movie time, and game time. By enabling the Music Visualiser feature, the light will dance with music and elevate the excitement for you.

For more details about the Music visualiser feature, you may watch this video.




If you are not satisfied with the existing light animations, you can always create your own ones. By using the paint features, you can draw light animations with our app, and preview them on your Tittle Light. 

After creating your animations, you can even share them with your network and let them see your works on their Tittle Light.



Tittle Light Home Decor

One particular thing I love about Tittle Light is their built quality. While all other similar products in the market are made of plastic, Tittle Light is built with metal and glass. You will feel it looks nice even just placing it in your living room. 

Another thing I want to highlight is their mobile app. With the app, you don’t need any programming knowledge to play with Tittle Light. You can start playing light animations after a 1-minute setup. No any other LED light cube I found is supported by a mobile app, you can really feel that Tittle Light team has put a lot of effort to make their product user-friendly.

If you want to get your Tittle Light, you can use the link here.


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