The Innovative 3D LED light cube that
transforms home lighting

"Bring That Lighting Tech Into Your Living Room"

Elevate your living environment

“Connect with your friends and family with animated emojis”

Tittle Light allows users to send a 3D emoji directly to the lamp through the EMOJI feature. Want to be more creative? Use the PAINT feature to design your own animated emojis and send it to anyone in your network.


Time is of the essence

With the Clock and Timer features, Tittle Light can help users gain back their precision of time through inventive 3D animations.


Sleek & stylish design at its finest quality

Sleek & stylish design at its finest quality

Easy and ready to use & connect

Through an easy-to-use wifi connection, Tittle Light can immediately be turned on with Tittle’s app. No assembly necessary.

Easy and ready to use & connect

Control Tittle Light at your finger tips

Everything from picking your favorite color to painting your creative animations to sharing a new emoji with your friends

Control Tittle Light at your finger tips

“With 512 LEDs in an app-controlled cube, Tittle is like fireworks for your desk.”

Digital Trends

“Vastly different from your average light bulb, Tittle Light emphasizes a much more whimsical approach to lighting.”

Paste Magazine

“With 512 LEDs packed inside an attractive smoked glass enclosure that sits atop an aluminum base, it looks like something Nikola Tesla might have whipped up on a whim. It’s a connected conversation starter.”


“You can even use your iPhone to smoothly adjust the mood lighting in classic James Bond fashion to something a bit more, risqué.”


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